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The process of making Biodiesel is now even easier than before, with this in mind we can supply all the equipment need to process Biodiesel.
We have bunded Biodiesel Storage Tanks that allow you to store Biodiesel safely and easily. We have sizes ranging from 500Litres which is ideal for a small amount of Biodiesel, to 19,000Litres, ideal for businesses that have a large fleet of trucks or lorries.
Getting the Biodiesel from your storage tank to the car/truck can only be done using a dispensing tank. The Environmental Agency requires the pump and hose must be locked away after use. To comply with this we have the Ecosure 600Litre Biodiesel Dispensers which is available with both a manual and electric pump.
Mixing/processing tanks are great for when you have filtered your biooil and need to blend it with conventional diesel.

What is Bio Fuel?

Bio Fuel is any type of fuel that derived from biomass such as Corn, Rapeseed, and Sugar Cane.


Biodiesel is a renewable fuel source that is made from algae, vegetable oils, animal fats or recycled restaurant greases such as chip shop grease. Because Biodiesel is safe to handle can be made locally.

Making Biodiesel

Bio can be made by blending 20% of Biodiesel with 80% petroleum diesel. With certain engine modifications pure Biodiesel can be used.
We here at Ecosure have some ideal products that are suitable for the manufacturing of Biodiesel.

Including: -
- Conical Bottom tanks
- Bio Fuel Dispensers
- Bio Fuel Containment tanks



Biodiesel Equipment

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